Importance of Building Permits | 5 Reasons

Building Permits are vital for the safety of the building in Tasmania. Certificate of likely compliance, occupancy permit and certificate of building completion from the authorities ensure the legal registration of the property whether it is residential or commercial. Building surveyors help in constructing taking the all charge from planning to completion. They work as a medium between authorities and owner as well and also, establish a contact between builder and owner. It is better to hire a building surveyor for complete process as they are expert and can offer sheer assistance. Applying for a building permit is essential considering following reasons:


Without a building permit in Tasmania, people can be imprisoned or heavily penalized for their illegal buildings. It is generally illegal in many countries to construct a building without asking permissions. Also, if you fail to get the certificate of likely compliance and other necessary documents and you still start the construction, you may end up tearing it from the base or have to evacuate it immediately if the authorities get to know

Honesty of the Builder:

Only a building permit in Tasmania and other parts of the world can ensure the best work of a contractor or builder as only he is responsible for violation of standards set by legal authorities regarding material used and sound methods. This permit forces the contractor to stay honest throughout the process of construction whether residential or commercial. Only the sincere work of contractor can bag the owner legal permit along with essential documents like certificate of likely compliance and many more.

Guidance for DIY Projects:

There are times, when you have no choice but doing it all yourself. In such cases building permit process is quite helpful in Tasmania and offers guidance from start till end. From applying papers to submit your plans, all are inspected before giving approvals. The whole procedure is a learning experience for beginners who take up building challenges on their own. One can become sound in knowledge of constructing a building from scratch along with legal papers like certificate of likely compliance and building completion and many more.

Validity of Insurance:

Building permits in Tasmania are mandatory to avail insurance services. If people get the insurance done by other means and don’t have building permit, they are not eligible for insurance. With the building permit and other docs like certificate of likely compliance, occupancy permit only, insurance is valid and can be claimed in unfortunate situations.

Selling the property:

It becomes easier to sell the property if you have building permit of it in Tasmania. For a buyer, it is a sense of satisfaction that he is buying the correctly structured and legally approved property. On selling, all the docs including certificate of likely compliance, building completion and others are handed over to the other party.