Role of a Building Surveyor – 5 Key Services

Building Surveying Services are amazingly helpful and necessary to keep them safe for a longer time. Poor condition of buildings can lead for disasters or devastating accidents. Following proper instructions from surveyors it becomes convenient for owners to keep their buildings maintained and at lower risk of collapsing or damage. Even while commencing construction work, surveyors communicate with council for building approval also. The list of their services is broad and almost responsible for everything from planning to building completion.

Let us have a look on some important building surveying services provided by best of the surveyors:

Construction Design & Building Works:

One of the most important building surveying services is providing assistance in designing level. Deciding the design and structure of a building is really important part while constructing as most of the safety and its longevity depends on it. After giving his inputs following the norms, surveyor contacts council of building approval and then after getting approved only, the construction can start.

Project Management & Monitoring:

Building surveyor keeps monitoring the construction work in between and suggests his inputs. Complete management of the building construction is one of the most responsible building surveying services delivered by him. Surveyor is an important link between owner and council of building approval as he knows all the legislative issues and their solutions which are required for constructing a building legally.

Insurance Assessment & Claims Assistance:

Insurance of a building is vital to handle unfortunate situations. Building surveying services of a surveyor includes insurance process with complete paper work and also entire claim process if any unpleasant accidents occur. With sheer knowledge and experience in this field, surveyor handles all the paper work and documentation with council of building approval also.

Defect Investigation and Maintenance:

It is the most critical responsibility of surveyor among other building surveying services. An expert surveyor with all his knowledge and experience inspects a building rigorously and finds out defects which can be hazardous. Also, he takes the job of its maintenance and again, connects with council of building approval to get it legislated and approved by authorities.

Handling Planning Applications: Planning is the most important part of constructing a building; it avoids the loopholes while construction work takes place. Building surveying services from best of the surveyors include it as it is wiser to start the construction work with accuracy and pre-planning. Surveyor handles all the planning applications and with assistance, leads the entire construction work from planning phase to completion and also takes care of all legal documentations and other necessary formalities.